Solar eclipse on 28 April 2014

The solar eclipse (new Moon) in Aries on 28 April is in the nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by Venus. This is the nakshatra where we ‘bear the weight’. The symbol for Bharani is a clay vessel or yoni, reflecting the potent creative energy that is contained in this lunar mansion. The ruling deity is Yama (the binder), the God of Death.
The keywords for the next six to nine months in the area of the chart where this new Moon falls in are: bearing, maintaining, wearing, putting on, supporting, nourishing and carrying in the sense of:

• carry a weight
• carry a heavy load
• carrying a load on one's shoulders
• carry a mortgage; loans carry interest
• carry expectations
• carry moral responsibilities
• bearing responsibility
• the burden of responsibility
• carry forward
• carry off a stunt
• carry on somehow
• carry out a plan
• carry out wishes
• carry out an agenda
• carry over from a past life
• carry over from past debt
• carry over from previous accounts
• carry through under pressure
• keep calm and carry on!

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