May 2014 horoscope - Sagittarius

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the May 2014 horoscope for birthdays from 16th December to 14th January or Sagittarius Ascendants and Moons

Sag, you’re still under the influence of the Grand Cross and you may be wondering if or when the pressure and the strain stops being so hard hitting. Your relationships, career and your home life has transformed and changed and changed again over the past months and April in particular was a month of continued obstacles and challenges. From now, as the weeks and months go on, things will get a little easier and you’ll realise what recent events and learning curves were good for. You still have Pluto in your sign for another few years, so there is huge potential for a lot of personal transformation and a lot of personal power. Used wisely, this energy can get you far, but use it to control and manipulate, it becomes destructive for you. 
The full Moon on 14th May is in the area of your chart to do with friends, acquaintances, hopes, dreams, gains and bonuses. Over the past months and maybe the past couple of years, you probably thought that your dreams are out of reach and your hopes may have been frustrated. This could be because some of those may be obsolete and need to be changed. The same goes for friends – those who aren’t really friends, will tend to show their true colors now and it’s time to let them go. Others who you want to remain in your life may be too busy or have other priorities. If you are involved in a group situation, sports club, social movement or as a fundraiser etc., extra responsibilities beckon now. Nevertheless, this is a time to network, socialise, have a party and make new contacts that can benefit you financially in the future. But this is also the area in your chart to do with long-term planning, long-term projects and, ultimately rewards. It’s an area in the horoscope that improves over time and whatever happened in November 2012 to do with any of these areas is coming to light, is being completed and finalised. I have the impression that while there may be a shake-up within your friendship group, long-term financial projects are the main source of ‘concern’. 
This full Moon is in nakshatra of Vishaka, ruled by Jupiter. For all of us, there is a need to strengthen our will and our emotions – this is a motivated and ambitious part of the chart so we can achieve a lot here especially in a social sense. Balance and justice is now very important so there can be a certain intensity to do the right thing. Be careful of coming across as too self-righteous despite meaning well and despite a determination to work out the right path and to get to the truth. This is a forceful, quick-witted and brilliantly intelligent placement, use it to your advantage. 
The new Moon on 28th May is in the area of your chart to do with health and well being, it’s time for a new fitness regime – generally speaking. It’s also time to become aware of any inner conflict you carry within yourself, a (self-)victimising attitude and secretive behaviour. Mars at the top of your chart has made you a little more straight forward and argumentative off late but with the planet of action moving direct again on 20th May, you may just be able to get your point across a bit better as well as see your career taking off again the way it should. Still, avoid criticising others to the point of frustration…your (committed) love sector is very active this month and you don’t want to scare any potential suitors away quite so quickly. For this in a relationship, a lot of attention is on the partnership now, the future of it and the general health and wellbeing of your marriage or liaison. Have a great month, Sagittarius!
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