April 2014 horoscope - Taurus

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th May to 15th June of Taurus Ascendants and Moons

Taurus, April is all about putting yourself out there and, for a short amount of time anyway, ignore the pressures around finances, health, romance, children, keeping friends happy and delivering on projects. It about being visible at work and to those around you, making sure things run the way you want them to. Needless to say that this is a good time to apply for new positions if this is what you're after or to ask for a promotion. You're a natural diplomat and this month, the ability to listen and calm others' fears and worries can get you a long way. You're able to think rationally and you come across as such, providing structures to others who, especially at work, currently find difficult to implement themselves. 
Generally, work is busy this month and you'll have to keep your head down to get things done. There is certainly plenty of opportunity to increase your earnings, client base  or, for some, it might be bonus time. It might not be the easiest of times and you'll have plenty of challenges on your hand but April is also a month of progress and breakthrough, in particular around work and finances. A lot of what you’re thinking of, in early April anyway, is around your finances in relation to your career or where your aiming to get to. 
April is eclipse month and you pick up on what began around October 2012 and then continued around mid-July 2013. Something is moving into its final stages with the lunar and the solar eclipses taking place. Eclipses are tied to changing circumstances which over the past 18 months, and most likely more, have become necessary for your growth. The first eclipse on 15th April 2014 is a lunar eclipse in the area of your chart to with your health and wellbeing but also the area in your chart which has to do with conflict and arguments. So while you will certainly make sure you keep stress out of your life, some Taureans will also have to deal with property matters - perhaps you have been waiting for paper work to come through that's causing you a headache or conflict happens more on an emotional level which you will need to address.
Generally speaking, lunar eclipses are relationship-oriented and a time when we suddenly realise a great need or want. The impact can bring certain relationships to an end but it can also have the opposite effect. Some couples realise they can’t live without each other. Eclipses usually entail a change in status, so a break in the path, a milestone and a tipping point. This is the last one in the series of eclipses across the Libra and Aries axis so some of the same issues of the past year may crop up again, especially those that have continued to fester underneath the surface. The solar eclipse on 28th April 2014 is then a new beginning, a new cycle and a break from the old path. While you may not know exactly what the new path looks and feels like - the Sun that gives light and insight, the Moon blocks the light of the Sun temporarily – a new spiral of personal development is set into motion. For you, this happens on a more intangible and spiritual level. It's that time of the year when you recharge your batteries and when you perhaps prefer to spend a little bit of time by yourself. It's a time of preparation and renewal before your new solar year begins. For some Taureans, connections to abroad and those at a distance feature now and you either think about going on a holiday, and not exactly a cheap one, while others now work more internationally, expanding your business.  A lot is shifting for you, progressing and coming to the surface in these areas. 
You then end the month with Venus, your ruler, in Pisces - and what a great way to end such an intense month than with a few social events in the calendar, a more secure financial outlook and potentially a romantic interest in your hand. Have a great month, Taurus!

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