May 2014 horoscope - Aquarius

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the May 2014 astrology forecast for birthdays from 13th February to 14th March or Aquarius Ascendants and Moons

Aquarius, with your ruler Saturn and Rahu still in the same area of your chart for another month or so, your view of life and ways of thinking continue to change – you’ve learnt and realised a lot over these past two years and you are now in the final stages. The Sun, the Moon and Mercury are now putting the finishing touches around any educational programmes, thought processes, training courses, writing and publishing projects and anywhere where your own input is required. Even though your finances are under some strain, this is a good time to launch something self-made or at least start thinking about it, as, in a year’s time, life and in particular career is beginning to change beyond recognition.

The full Moon on 14th May is in your 9th house of education, mentoring, teaching, travelling and publishing. Whatever happened in November 2012 to do with any of these areas is coming to light, is being completed and finalised. You’re ready to let something go in this area and move on. It can indeed be a higher education course, a book or a long-awaited journey that will once again change your outlook on a lot of things. Your partner or relationships in general could be a big part in you changing your mind about something – or maybe you re-think how you go about relationships in general.

This full Moon is in nakshatra of Vishaka, ruled by Jupiter. For all of us, there is a need to strengthen our will and our emotions – this is a motivated and ambitious part of the chart so we can achieve a lot here especially in a social sense. Balance and justice is now very important so there can be a certain intensity to do the right thing. Be careful of coming across as too self-righteous despite meaning well and despite a determination to work out the right path and to get to the truth. This is a forceful, quick-witted and brilliantly intelligent placement, use it to your advantage. 
The new Moon on 28th May is in the area of your chart to do with house and home. The Moon feels very comfortable in this area of the chart so you might spend more time with your family, have friends round for dinner or beautify your house or garden in some way. For some, again, partnerships can be part of what’s happening at home during this time – your partner may have a strong influence on what is going on around the house and perhaps where you live. The end of the month should be a fun time for Aquarians – you’re keen to dedicate time to hobbies, romance, your children and you feel you can just be yourself. The pressure on your finances also somewhat lifts with Mars going direct on 20th May while the ups and downs at work are slowly coming to an end – so no reason not to enjoy life a bit more. Have a great month, Aquarius!

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